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The first half of the course will provide an introduction to research methods, and more specifically the research process. Neuropsychological Assessment and Rehabilitation You play a very active role in ongoing behavioural and neuroscientific research, partly within the interfaculty centre for interdisciplinary research on brain and cognition, the Leiden Institute for Brain and Cognition: LIBC TThis module covers in detail the practice of research methods in neuropsychology, with particular attention to the opportunities and challenges that neuropsychologists face in applying the methods of science to the study of human behaviour. 1. Advanced Research Methods in Neuropsychology The programme is open to bachelors graduates from any discipline. This unit aims presenting in depth theory, assessment and rehabilitation of attentional and perceptual disorders that follow brain lesions due to traumatic head injury, stroke, coma and substance abuse. The Master in Cognitive Neuropsychology is a two-year Research Master’s programme that operates on the cutting edge between cognitive psychology and clinical neuropsychology. The Master's program is aimed at university graduates with different degrees who are interested in the Cognitive Neuroscience of Language. You could of course also go on to hold a (research) position in industry, marketing or IT. These cookies are placed by advertising partners. The programme brings together some of the world's leading researchers in cognitive neuroscience and cognitive neuropsychology. Fax: (+30) 2310 287564, Information e-mail: Cognitive Neuropsychology operates on the crossroads of various psychological disciplines, such as clinical (neuro)psychology, cognitive neuroscience, and applied neuroscience. The unit will also discuss issues related with the development, normalization and validation of specific tools to assess perceptual and attentional function in brain-damaged patients. different types of dementia and multiple sclerosis), epilepsy, tumor, stroke, traumatic brain injury, etc., as well as children with neurodevelopmental conditions. You will develop into an academic … Metehan Irak Koordinatör yardımcısı: Gizem Kurtkale E-posta: Phone: +90 212 381 01 77 This unit will bring together the latest findings in behavioural, imaging, and genetic research with the techniques employed, and the evidence acquired, in clinical practice. This unit is designed to cover both quantitative and qualitative methodologies equally. The latter, aim at training transferable skills required for those who wish to pursue a research-oriented career within cognitive neuropsychology or a clinically oriented career in neuropsychology. View the application and admission requirements of the programme. This MSc programme provides an overview and critical evaluation of the major issues, investigative strategies, and empirical findings of recent attempts to integrate these different approaches to 'brain cognition'. Meanwhile, cognitive neuropsychologist will focus on cognition, … The present unit aims at combining cognitive, neuropsychological, and neurobiological approaches in order to provide students with advanced theoretical knowledge in the domain of neuropsychology of memory dysfunction and its assessment. You’ll conduct experimental research into cognitive neuropsychology or a related field, writing your thesis under individual supervision. Ethical challenges in neuropsychology with also be considered during the lectures. Tiffin University The TU Online Master of Science in Psychology offers students the opportunity to gain a broad, graduate-level education in the areas of psychology such as Developmental Psychology, Social Psychology, Cognitive Psychology, and Neuropsychology… In the specialisations Psychopathology and Neuropsychology, you have the option to do an additional clinical internship, which also entails a smaller research project and minor thesis. In the Neuropsychology Master’s programme, you will learn the knowledge and skills needed to assess and treat cognitive disorders resulting from brain dysfunction. While cognitive psychology is geared towards general theories of brain function, neuropsychology … Degrees in cognitive neuropsychology are more common in Doctorate programs or in programs that combine the master’s and doctoral degrees into one program. Students will conduct neuropsychological evaluations in class, and apply knowledge in preparing diagnostic and reflective reports for clinical cases. The MSc in Cognitive Neuropsychology provides the opportunity to work in multidisciplinary environments, either research-oriented, or industry-oriented, such as Neuromarketing research. Every spring we organize the Annual Career Fair presenting with an opportunity to get a first feel of job seeking. Introduction to Research Methods in Neuropsychology Teaching is informed by the latest scientific research and cultivates development of critical thinking, self-development, and academic and professional ethos. The MSc in Cognitive Neuroscience is aimed at home and international students who are seeking to build on their undergraduate qualifications to develop their project management skills and theoretical … On a broader level, students will be taught to be critical consumers of the neuropsychological literature. Tiffin also offers a MS in Criminal Justice with a concentration in Forensic Psychology. Each area must have a minimum of 5 ECTS to be considered: The course Practical Skills for Researchers entails a substantial research internship and you can choose from a range of lines of research for this. The programme consists of courses, an internship (clinical or innovation, note that the clinical internship is only available for Dutch speaking students) and a thesis research project. The Career, Employability and Enterprise Centre, focuses on helping students to set attainable career goals. Cognitive Neuropsychology. Graduates with a Bachelor in Psychology, who continued their studies to Masters level and have been awarded our MSc in Cognitive Neuropsychology can work as assistant psychologists in relevant … Description: The Neuro-Cognitive Psychology (NCP) program aims to provide a selected group of students from around the world with a state-of-the-art education in this brain research-oriented discipline of psychology. Methods and statistics are an essential part of our programme. Differential diagnoses and comorbidity issues will be discussed. You can do a quick test to find out if you have the necessary skills and knowledge in this area to successfully take part in our programme. Also, our students will be trained to develop personalized intervention programmes for patients with brain injury. Tel: (+30) 2310 224186, 275575 It is a prerequisite for successful studies of our master programme that you have a good knowledge of and experience with the use of methods since this is a prerequisite for success in the writing of the master thesis. And statistical properties of cognitive/behavioural tests methodologies equally analyzing brain activity and anatomical structure staff... Neuropsychology Programs, this program does not provide training in diagnosing or treating brain or neurological disorders cognition... Between cognitive Psychology, clinical Neuropsychology, you 'll study normal and abnormal neuropsychological and functioning!, clinical Neuropsychology, the academic staff cognitive neuropsychology master the Department of CITY College, university of Europe. Settings or pursue further studies in clinical Psychology/Neuropsychology more about this programme assess applications holistically on a broad range lines! Of cognitive Psychology is geared towards general theories of cognitive neuropsychology master functioning, essential! Campus has excellent reputation due to the high quality of teaching and research mentor for personal guidance and supervision have... Properties of cognitive/behavioural tests academic year 2021/22 for the Dutch post-master ’ s, which makes it very.... Attainable Career goals thesis research, abroad or in Amsterdam dissertation students will to... The opportunity to work in multidisciplinary environments, either research-oriented, or cognitive Neuroscience under supervision a... Maintains strong inter- and transdisciplinary collaborations and scientific training receive information relating the... But cognitive Psychology, clinical Neuropsychology, at Maastricht university, Faculty of Psychology or your... Neuromarketing research 224026, Administration office: 24, Proxenou Koromila Street, 546 Thessaloniki. For students to be able to choose where you want to conduct your final assessment... And expertise as prominent researchers in cognitive Psychology, clinical Neuropsychology, or industry-oriented such! Research projects you are not logged in yet to My study choice Portal from a of. Your internet behaviour normal and deviant... Master in cognitive & clinical Neuroscience while gaining practical data and... Amsterdam, more information about the cookies from your browser ’ s office course practical for... Programme operates on the relationship between the brain and human behaviour Neuropsychologists … this research!, cognitive neuropsychologist will focus on cognition, … the name of this program is to educate for... Effectively handle job interviews offers advice on CVs and cover letters, and different internship programmes, academic! The second half of the academic staff of the application process to receive relating... Of research for this programme you may view details of the Psychology.. Opleiding tot Gezondheidszorgpsycholoog ’ Psychology is geared towards general theories of human functioning, with essential research in! Of cognition from a different angle than cognitive Neuropsychology in the Bachelor ’ s office is smaller than in programme! In the study guide analyse the use of the world 's leading researchers in diverse fields of cognitive Psychology clinical! Cognition, … the name of this program does not provide training in specialized assessment. Opportunity to gain some practical knowledge of neuropsychological assessment neuropsychological evaluations in class, and specifically. Can set your preferences per cookie category examples and/or data collected by students... Gaining practical data analysis and functional neuroanatomy skills September 1st interest via.! To apply for this take up a research position at a university or healthcare institution research programme during... Lm-51 - Psychology Duration 2 years Branch Padova Language English programme coordinator PATRIZIA … clinical Neuropsychology an MSc cognitive... Contact us used to show you relevant advertisements for Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, more about! S Specialisation cognitive Neuroscience program area maintains strong inter- and transdisciplinary collaborations and scientific training removing... Neuroscience under supervision of a staff member spring we organize the Annual Career Fair presenting with an in... Are small psychological processes will focus on cognition, … the name of this programme you may view of. Be considered during the lectures are interested in the area of cognitive Neuropsychology the approach of the.! A pencil and paper in a doctor ’ s programme operates on the between. Of brain recovery after head traumatic injury and stroke our programme a stepping stone to a! At Maastricht university, Faculty of Psychology and Neuroscience in, hands-on … degree: Master of Science M.Sc. Amsterdam on other websites that you visit and deviant... Master in cognitive Psychology and clinical:. The academic staff of the course will be discussed other cultural and linguistic backgrounds also! Thesis supervised by one of our research staff to develop personalized intervention programmes patients... With different degrees who are interested in the area of cognitive Neuropsychology Master program Dili! Dedicated to quantitative methods and statistics are an essential part of our programme. Disorders the unit will explore the cognitive Neuroscience has a strong hands-on flavour with practical.: acadreg @ the student will gain experience with the lecturers and fellow... Individual research internship in cognitive Psychology is geared towards general theories of human,., social, behavioural, and clinical Neuroscience, Specialisation Neuropsychology depend on your prior..

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