spy meaning in nepali

Find similar words and phrases with our powerful synonym search engine. Women pilgrims pray at the bank of the Holy Ganges river at sunrise in Varanasi, India. Yep, we’ve got a spy on our hands. Śrēṣṭha (Nepal Bhasa: श्रेष्ठ) is a Nepalese surname meaning "noble” or "great” in Sanskrit. This appears to mean Telia lent Shrestha the money to buy the 20 per cent stake in Ncell in the hope that Nepal’s law would change in future and enable Telia to own the stake itself. Try definition: If you try to do something, you want to do it, and you take action which you hope will... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples 10 Nepali climbers reached the top of K2 on Saturday, the last peak above 8,000 metres (26,000 feet) to be conquered in winter. Soy sauce (also called simply soy in American English and soya sauce less frequently in British English) is a liquid condiment of Chinese origin, traditionally made from a fermented paste of soybeans, roasted grain, brine, and Aspergillus oryzae or Aspergillus sojae molds. Nepali mountaineer Sona Sherpa films himself metres from the summit during the first winter ascent of K2, the world's second highest mountain. Shrestha may also refer to the Newar caste of Shresthas who prior to the unification of modern Nepal formed the ruling and administrative Kshatriya castes in the court of the Malla kings of Nepal. Wireless hidden earpiece for exam and cheating camera. Spy earpiece for cheating on tests. It … Does that wall look weird to you? In one 2009 study of 300 women’s nipples and areolas, results showed a mean areola diameter of 4 cm (which is a little smaller than a golf ball), a mean … Wireless earpiece for phone All this has added fuel to the fire in Nepal’s already volatile political environment. Varanasi, India - March 25, 2007: Unidentified women pilgrims pray at They trace his U-turn to visits to Kathmandu by India’s spy chief Samant Goel and Foreign secretary Harsh Vardhan Shringla in November and December. एक जोति तैं सब उतपंना, कौंण वारंण कौंण सूदा eka joti taiṃ saba utapaṃnā, kauṃṇa vāraṃṇa kauṃṇa sūdā All have arisen from one light, who is a brāhmin and who is a śūdra? Oli’s critics say he is getting ready to sell his soul to New Delhi to ensure his political longevity. Looking at the chart above, SPY's low point in its 52 week range is $218.26 per share, with $378.46 as the 52 week high point — that compares with a last trade of $372.32. Shabdakosh - English to Nepali bilingual free online dictionary with English Nepali translation, English Nepali word meanings, definitions, synonyms and antonyms in Nepali and English.

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